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The concept of the Duka brand is based on experience, which we termed in English as “Kitchen Life”.

For us, the kitchen is a home’s central place. The changing family structure, lack of time and increased requirements we pose to our homes gave the kitchen a new role – which is precisely what it was in the first place – a place to spend most of one’s time, cook, eat, party, chat, prepare homework, etc. Kitchens in our houses constitute a special place, which is primarily associated with the warmth of our hearth and home, where people strengthen their bonds with each other. Therefore, the kitchen is the most alive, the most “human” part of the home or flat filled with scents, memories, emotions.

The Kitchen Life concept also defines kitchens as important lifestyle components and indicators of our personalities. It becomes increasingly popular to cook at home, organize house parties, invite friends over and cook for them.  People manifest themselves and their personality through their cooking. For us, developing “Kitchen Life” is synonymous with expressing oneself, manifesting who we are. Duka caters to such human ambitions and needs, hinting at occasions to spend time together in the kitchen and providing all the necessary accessories and products.

At present, Duka is a network of 57 outlets located in the largest shopping malls as well as an online store.

Our stores offer a wide variety of kitchen products, porcelain, cutlery and table glass. Seasonal textile collections, decorations and kitchen accessories aid in creating a unique atmosphere in each kitchen and dining room.

Visiting our outlets will also certainly help you choose the perfect present for any occasion.

The company was incorporated domestically in 1999, continuously strengthening its position in the interior furnishing industry.

Three years ago, the company began implementing its new outlet concept, which facilitated even better brand recognition, placing it on the forefront of the competition.

DUKA owns 57 outlets in Poland in the largest shopping malls and is preparing to expand internationally. Target turnover for this year will exceed 50 million zloty.


The franchise offer is prepared for entrepreneurial persons involved in the store’s operation; such persons shall aim to succeed using reliable standards and experience offered by DUKA.

The DUKA franchise system operates based on traditional franchise rules – 5-year binding franchise agreement consisting of providing know-how, supporting the outlet’s adaptation and its refurnishing as well as launching and conducting on-going operations.


  • your own inventory – unique and valued by customers

  • the sales commission is higher than in other industries

  • long-term entitlement to conduct business under the DUKA brand

  • stable business – 5-year franchise agreement

  • support and assistance in selecting the outlet’s location and negotiating the lease agreement

  • support in preparing the outlet’s design and its adaptation

  • providing supplies for the outlet and managing the inventory

  • provision of an IT system facilitating outlet operations

  • regional network manager support

  • regular personnel training concerning customer support as well as outlet and personnel management

  • necessary marketing support

  • territorial exclusivity guarantee

The franchisee shall provide funds for adapting and equipping the outlet in the amount of 150,000 zloty.

If you can provide appropriate investment capital, have the opportunity of a beneficial lease (outlet with the area of 100-130 m2) in an appropriate place (shopping mall), contact us by e-mail. We will get in touch and you might soon begin your new business adventure!

ul. Powązkowska 44c
01-797 Warsaw, Poland

tel. 22 27 60 250

Customer Service:
Product information, claims and returns
e-mail: customer.service

Online Store:
tel. 22 4903006, 502182508, 600873817

Corporate Customers:
Corporate purchases of products or gift cards.

e-mail: klienci.korporacyjni@duka.com

DUKA Outlets:
Contact information for a given outlet may be found at: 
DUKA Outlets

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